Samsung Galaxy S20 Bright Night Mode : How Useful Is It?

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The new Samsung Galaxy S20 introduces a brand new Bright Night mode, which promises to deliver superior picture quality in very low light conditions!

Let’s take a look at the new Bright Night technology that Samsung just introduced in their Galaxy S20 family of smartphones!

Samsung Galaxy S20 Bright Night Mode : How Useful Is It?


Galaxy S20 Bright Night Mode : What Is It?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones come with a new Night mode called Bright Night.

Bright Night uses a technique called multi-frame processing to deliver unprecedented picture quality even in low or dim lighting.

When you take a photo using the Bright Night mode, it takes 30 photos rapid succession, and instantly combines using multi-frame processing into one clear photo.


Galaxy S20 Bright Night Mode : How To Use It?

Here is a short guide on how to use the Bright Night mode on your Galaxy S20 smartphone :

  1. Open the Camera app in your Galaxy S20 smartphone
  2. Swipe to the left, and tap More.
  3. Tap NIGHT, to enable the Bright Night mode.
  4. Tap the Zoom icons if you want to get a closer shot.
  5. Tap the Capture button when you are ready to take a photo!

Samsung Galaxy S20 Bright Night Mode selection


Galaxy S20 Bright Night Mode : How Effective Is It?

First, let’s compare the Galaxy S20 Ultra with Bright Night mode enabled, and disabled.

We set up this scene, placing a dim and indirect light source at a distance, intentionally placing it at the back so that it casts a shadow towards the front.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - normal night sampleSamsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - Bright Night sample

Without Bright Night mode enabled, you cannot make out the Minion prisoner’s hands and feet, or the details of Darth Minion’s armour.

But when we took the same scene with Bright Night mode turned on, the brightness and clarity of the scene is greatly boosted!

You can now see the Minion prisoner’s hand and feet, and the intricate details of Darth Minion’s armour, even though both are in the shadows!

In fact, even though we intentionally framed the scene with the light at the back, you can clearly see the details of all three Minions and the teddy bear.


Bright Night Mode Comparison : Galaxy S20 vs Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 received a Bright Night mode upgrade, giving it the same multi-frame processing capability to deliver truly excellent photos in low-light conditions.

Let’s see how the Galaxy S10’s Bright Night mode stacks up against the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s improved Bright Night mode!

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - Bright Night sample

The Samsung Galaxy S10’s Night mode is impressive, offering a much brighter and clearer picture than the Galaxy S20 without Night mode.

But once you turn on Bright Night mode for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, there is no doubt that it does even better than the already impressive Galaxy S10!


Samsung Galaxy S20 | S20+ | S20 Ultra : Price + Availability

The Samsung Galaxy S20 family of smartphones will be available for sale starting 6 March 2020 across Malaysia.


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